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7 SEO marketing strategy tips

Making a website for a company, business or just to earn online money is special. Especially, WordPress has made it as easy as using Facebook. All you need to install WordPress, select an attractive theme and start adding the valuable content. But is that what you need to do to achieve your business goals? No, you need to think beyond that. Because Google or any other search engine is not going to rank your website on your target keywords until you use SEO tools and make an SEO marketing strategy. Otherwise, your website will not have any traffic, does...

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Have You Overlooked International SEO?

Many business owners are so obsessed with the American search engines that they completely overlook international SEO. Unless your business or service is directed only to those in North America, you must consider ways to spread the word to other countries as well. When searches are done in other languages, you need to be represented within the results. One of the main reasons that international SEO is overlooked is due to the fear that optimizing for other languages will be too difficult. It is necessary to devote at least one page on your website to the language that you...

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How Much Do Keyword Domain Names Matter?

There is no doubt that keywords in domain names matter for SEO.  However, there is a lot of debate as to how much they matter – and whether they really matter enough to justify paying the high price tag of an exact-match domain name. Domain Name is Just One Factor There are literally hundreds of factors which affect search engine rankings.  While domain name is one of these factors, experts will tell you it only accounts for about 1% of all your SEO.  If SEO is your only reason for choosing the exact-match domain name (as opposed to branding...

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