Making a website for a company, business or just to earn online money is special. Especially, WordPress has made it as easy as using Facebook. All you need to install WordPress, select an attractive theme and start adding the valuable content. But is that what you need to do to achieve your business goals? No, you need to think beyond that. Because Google or any other search engine is not going to rank your website on your target keywords until you use SEO tools and make an SEO marketing strategy. Otherwise, your website will not have any traffic, does not matter that how valuable content you are providing to your target market.

Indeed, with the help of companies who offer SEO services, you can outsource them for this purpose, but as a website owner, you must know about many terms, so that, you can have your eye on the work of the company from where you have purchase SEO services to achieve your Google SEO goals and bring traffic on your website. To help you with this, we bring the list of top 7 SEO marketing tips. So, you can still rank your website at search engine if you are not outsourcing your SEO marketing strategy from a company who offer SEO services.

1 – Read Google SEO guide

Before you put your leg in SEO world, it is better to read the official Google SEO guide book. This is available for free and it is enough to give you idea about SEO and what you suppose to do till you ranked your website in search result

2 – Use keyword in your domain

This is not really an official SEO tip but this will help you to achieve your SEO marketing strategy really quick. Search engine prefers to show those websites first which have keyword in it.

3 – Make a fast loading website

No one likes to land on a website which loads slow, this includes the search engines too. Make sure that you removed all those codings from your website which is making it slow and choose a fast web hosting company.

4 – Stay with your niche

When you focus on one at a time, you do it better. Defiantly, you can add other stuff too but your primary topic should be incorporated into your content.

5 – Don’t spam the keywords

Using keywords in the content is important, but it does not mean that you are going to overload your content with keywords. So, only mention your keyword where they really matter most.

6 – Think about the rich content

A rich content is a content which has everything; the lengthy article, related images, use of heading tags, keywords and provide valuable information to the users.

7 – Use SEO tools

SEO tools can help you at many stages while you are working on your SEO marketing strategy. For example, SEO tools like keyword research tool will help you to pick the keywords; Backlinks checker will help you to explore the list of your competitor’s websites backlinks and much more. So, use all the valuable SEO tools to make SEO process easy for yourself.